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Now the season has ended it’s time to honour the best players of this season. The players are chosen based on stats by the media team and the admins of this league. The maximum rating of 97 is only given to those who ended up top of a Leaderboard List or broke a record. In case you want your card, send a DM to REV-Eleven#2945 on Discord.



On goal stands one of the oldest players in the PL, SoL-Rusty. Throughout the season he kept Eight clean sheets, conceded only fourteen goals in just twenty-two matches. Those stats added to the surprise of newcomer Solarize FC, who finished second in the league.

One of the many surprises this season is Ragnarök FC. Ending on a fourth-place and only conceding twenty-one goals was mainly because of the English left-back, RAG-NathanOxley. The English wingback kept seven clean sheets and earned himself two MVPs, making him the best left-back of season 20.


It has been a rollercoaster-alike season for L26-WyczeSaniecX and Legacy, but at the end of the twenty-second match all was done and a third-place plus a ticket to the Champions League has been secured. The Polish right-back was solid in the back with eight clean sheets and two MVPs and was dangerous upfront with an assist. 







The manager and brain behind the revelation of season 20, is SoL-SebastianAA. Five clean sheets and two MVPs in only fifteen matches pushed his team to a second-place, and even for a moment to the top of the table.



Five clean sheets, three MVPs, two assists and the well deserved championship of the INT League, sX-Dum-Dum has done it all. It makes him one of the best CB’s, if not the best CB this season.



Perhaps standing in the shadow of the SimpleX forwards, sX-Bidou was one of the best players of the English side. In every game he knew to make the difference with great interceptions and passing. It has led him to the first SimpleX title. The four clean sheets merely look like a bonus, but the way the CDM dictated the play from the back forward was impressive.



For years, sX-Lillsey has been one of the best playmakers in Pro Clubs, proving his worth in the French, German and the INT League. This season was perhaps his best, ten goals and fifteen assists made him the most productive CAM this season and second-most productive player of all players.



Disclaimer: LF/RF positions are counted as LM/RM. This will most likely change next season.

RAG-Dex had an absolute stunner of a season. Scoring five goals, assisting thrice and earning an equal amount of MVPs. The goals scored were often from great worth. Against the likes of Tsunami Poland and Solarize FC were the goals winners, earning his side three points in each match..



Scoring eight goals and assisting eleven times is an accomplishment on it’s own. Doing this from the wing, makes it extra special. It’s exactly what SoL-BeunHaas did during his campaign at Solarize FC, making him the most productive player of his side during the season 20 campaign. 





It is not a surprise sX-AzZGOD would be the new topscorer. And so he did. Twenty-three goals and ten assists in only twenty-two games are not only stats almost unheard of, he was involved over half the goals scored in season 20. 





Even though not being involved in a huge amount of goals (eight goals and three goals throughout the season), SoL-CaV was one of the best players on his side. The German is one of the few players who can not be described in stats and only when seeing him play.




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