TOTW: S25 | League INT 1 | Matchdays 1-4
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined









GK - Rumpelstiltskin_INT1

The dominant shot stopper who was a big influence last season for Khalkedon BS, is back at it again this season in his first 4 Games he

claims himself 2 Clean Sheets. First coming in the 4-0 Victory vs Lions United and the 2nd from the 4-0 Victory against Ingravidos.




LB - bassY10

The VIBORAS Wing back has got back into form since his time in REVIVAL. Bringing incredible performances with stats totalling 1 Goal,

2 Assists, 1 Defensive Clean Sheet and 1 MVP from 3 Games.


CB - Winfield

Just like his counterpart Rumpel from Majestic VFC, Winfield also grabs 2 Clean sheets in 4 Games in both 4-0 Victories over Lions

United and Ingravidos.


CB - Tudor_Ilinca & alexandru

This pairing from Juventus Bucuresti have done well in the first 4 Games of the season, also grabbing 2 Clean Sheets and 1 Match MVP

from 4 Matches Played. A Clean Sheet in the 1-0 Victory over Ragnarok and another another Clean Sheet in the 1-0 Victory over



LB - WoLWoXxXx & KaanKaya

Another 2 Players from Majestic VFC is WoLWoXxXx and KaanKaya joining their teammates also with 2 Clean Sheets from 4 Games

Played both from the 4-0 Demolition of Lions United and Ingravidos.




CDM - Klaudius

BeeUnique’s Defensive Midfielder Klaudius is no stranger to turning up when it's needed most! Another player in this TOTW grabbing 2

Clean Sheets from 4 Matches played. The first in the 2-0 Victory over Cerebrum FC and the Second he grabs in the 0-0 Draw versus



LM - Mohammed

From PYRAMIDS we have Mohammed who has had sensational form these past 4 Games picking up a staggering 2 Goals and 3

Assists. In much needed performances like the 5-2 Victory vs Lions United where he picks up 1 Goal and Assist and the 2 Assists vs

Ingravidos in his sides 3-0 Win.


CAM - GurkanPingu

Another entry from Majestic VFC is GurkanPingu. Picking up 2 Assists and 1 MVP from Central Attacking Midfield. He gets these stats

also in another 4-0 Beating of Lions United.




ST - Respect

RAMPAGE have quite the striker on their hands, Respect has been sensational during this 4 Games Played and his stats show it, with 4

Goals, 2 Assists and 1 Match MVP he deserves this spot. With performances such as the 3-1 Victory over PYRAMIDS grabbing 1 Goal

and 2 Assists and the 3-1 Victory versus Rebrand Project picking up a Brace and the Match MVP.


LS - orcuna

Majestic VFC seem to be dominating this the first TOTW of the new Season with orcuna being entered and no doubt about his talent.

After 4 Games played he grabs 5 Goals and 1 Assist with a Match MVP. Performances such as the Hat-trick and Match MVP in the 4-0

Victory vs Ingravidos show off orcuna’s ability in this league.


LS - Souf9191

And from Stade Poitevin FC by orKs GP is Souf, a name we’ve been accustomed to seeing in the TOTW’s over the seasons. Coming

home after 3 Matches with 4 Goals, 1 Assist and a Single Match MVP. Picking up a Single Goal in the Strong 2-0 Victory vs Juventus

Bucuresti and 2 Goals, 1 Assist and the Match MVP in the Difficult 3-2 Victory vs RAMPAGE.


Honorable Mentions - The Bench


GK - Apequitas - BeeUnique


CB - Roskad - Stade Poitevin FC by orKs GP

RB - Stefan305 - Juventus Bucuresti


CDM - AlexisTB - BeeUnique

CM - Ineiji - Stade Poitevin FC by orKs GP

CM - Oz_Pyroman - VIBORAS

CM - Kanuzz - Majestic VFC



LS - Madoorah - VIBORAS


ST - Kaisar1998 - PYRAMIDS


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TR-Vardy-9 03.12.2021 um 18:30
i should been in it i got robbed
iUltra1991 28.11.2021 um 12:54
We Understand that Kaisar is in the First XI! When he shouldn't be. It should've been Souf9191
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