TOTW: S25 | League INT 2 | Matchdays 9-12
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To honor special performances in the International League, a TOTW will be posted regularly. The players chosen will be based on the match days of that week.


How is the TOTW determined






GK - Blastryan

The fastpay Wildcats Impressive Shot-Stopper has done incredible during Matchdays 9-12, Although only playing 3 Matches he’s

produced 2 Clean Sheets. Both of which came from the heavy 4-0 Victory over Orcastrated as well as the 3-0 Win vs Paramount FC.


CB - kOva

From Symphony is the ever classy kOva, producing an incredible 2 Assists and 2 Defensive Clean Sheets from 4 Matches Played. He

has certainly proven defence is also an attacking art. He picked up Assists from both the 3-1 Victory over UD Walkers and the 3-0 Win

vs FC Cadre which he also claimed a Defensive Clean Sheets.

CB - HeTT3x
Universitatea Cluj eSports have been showing up time and again during these TOTW! And once again with HeTT3x with 4 Matches

Played he has displayed well grabbing 3 Defensive Clean Sheets coming from a 1-0 Win vs Orcastrated and the heavy 3-0 Victory over


LB - Andreeyi

Another entry from Universitatea Cluj eSports is Andreeyi, Also grabbing up in similar form with 3 Defensive Clean Sheets from 4

Matches also coming from the 1-0 Win vs Orcastrated the 3-0 Win vs Fangs and the 2-0 Victory over FC Cadre.


CDM - 2Marius5

Once again from Universitatea Cluj esports is 2Marius5 also coming in with 3 Defensive Clean Sheets from 4 Matches Played. Also

coming from the Games vs Fangs, FC Cadre and Orcastrated. Showing a real combined effort from himself and his team mates whilst

also picking up a single goal.

CM - Kaizer

The Central Midfielder from Fangs has tried their best during these 4 Games played. Picking up 3 Assists and 1 Match MVP, With

assists coming from the the absolute THRASHING of CoCo Gang which finished 10-1 in Fangs favour picking up the 3 Assists. Also

grabbing the Match MVP from the 0-0 Draw vs Orcastrated.

CM - Wailers

Making an IMPACT for his team with 2 Goals, 1 Assist and 1 Match MVP from 4 Games is Wailers from Impact. Grabbing an Assist in

the 2-1 Loss to Paramount FC and the 2 Goals in the 2-2 Draw vs CoCo Gang.

CAM - 8Shakall1
Now we’re back to normality it seems for these TOTW, from Universitatea Cluj eSports is Shakall. Grabbing himself 2 Goals with 4 Assists and 1 Match MVP from 4 Games Played. Picking up a Goal and Assist from the 7-1 Heavy Victory over CoCo Gang and again both the Assists in their 2-0 Win vs FC Cadre.


RS - Sebiloo25

The player of the TOTW is Sebiloo with a Staggering 9 Goals and 1 Assist with 3 Match MVP’s it has clearly been proven that his team

Universitatea Cluj eSports are making a name for themselves and showing off their teamwork. Grabbing 4 Goals and the Match MVP in

the teams 7-1 Win vs CoCo Gang as well as a Hat-Trick and Match MVP in the 3-0 Victory vs Fangs.

RS - Brainzz

Brainzz from Symphony, an ever known name in Proleague is once again showing off his ability with 6 Goals and 1 Assist as well as

grabbing 2 Match MVP’s. The skillful attacker grabbed a Hat-Trick and Match MVP in his team 3-0 Win vs FC Cadre and 1 Goal and

Assist in his sides 3-1 Victory over UD Walkers.

ST - Mikakahuet

And from Fangs is Mikakahuet who also grabbed 6 Goals and 1 Assist with 2 Match MVP’s in a week where Goals was flying in.

Grabbing 5 Goals, 1 Assist and Match MVP in his teams 10-1 Win vs CoCo Gang. Also picking up 1 Goal and the Match MVP in the 1-1

Draw vs Vinculum FC.


Honorable Mentions - The Bench

GK - Kazu - Impact

CB - SECILMISLER - fastPay Wildcats

LB - ouzcelik/aag07 - fastPay Wildcats

RB - Husein - Universitatea Cluj eSports

CDM - HydroOne - Impact

CM - Gua7d1an - CSV Steaua

CM - EwanAC - Vinculum FC

CAM - szubuss_PL - CoCo Gang


LS -  MBUTHEKONG - fastPay Wildcats

RS - SCOTLAND - fastPay Wildcats

LS - Thom4S-tomek9879 - CoCo Gang


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